ALBUM REVIEW: Behemoth Show Us Everything They’ve Got on ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest’

Forty-five devastating minutes of unmitigated chaos and despair.

Polish death metal demigods Behemoth are at it again on their 11th studio album, I Loved You At Your Darkest. Behemoth’s unholy assault has been sharpened by over two decades of experience, culminating here in 45 devastating minutes of unmitigated chaos and despair.

For this latest effort they use every tool at their disposal, spiraling maniacally between throbbing blast beats, vicious guitar solos and harrowing interludes set to sacrilegious lyrics (including a Satanic rewording of The Lord’s Prayer in “Havohej Pantocrator”). They even use a children’s chorus to chilling effect in the opening track “Solve.”

You don’t have to agree with this band’s message to appreciate the breadth of their musical approach, and the explosive power of its execution.

Score: 👹👹👹👹/5