ALBUM REVIEW: CHAI is Pop-Punk Perfected

The Japanese quartet will chew you up and pop you like bubblegum.

If there’s an album that should actually be written in ALL CAPS, it’s CHAI’s PUNK. A quick, well-polished pop-punk album played with such fury and fuzz, it chews you up and pops you out like pink bubblegum, the Japanese quartet’s second full-length finds them perfecting the cohesive frenzy they call songwriting.

If you can imagine being the driver in a car racing video game, this magnificent disco-punk fusion is your soundtrack. Clocking in at an over-the-top 30 minutes, you’ll be wondering what to do with yourself after being rolled over by its impeccable tempo and focus.

CHAI takes the best parts of The Strokes (first two albums only) and the shiny-pop of Gwen Stefani (Rock-Steady era) to loudly, proudly scream, “Hello! Nice to meet you! Now fuck off!”

Score: 🍬🍬🍬🍬/5