ALBUM REVIEW: Cloud Nothings Scorch The Earth on ‘Last Building Burning’

A hot and heavy contrast to 2017’s polished ‘Life Without Sound’.

Cleveland noise rock warriors Cloud Nothings return to their garage punk origins on their fifth studio album Last Building Burning. Produced by Randall Dunn, best known for his work in the heavy metal realm, the album is a heavy contrast to their considerably polished 2017 album Life Without Sound.

Opening track “On An Edge” gets right to the point, with lead singer Dylan Baldi screaming over heavy guitars and Jayson Gerycz’s famously wild drumming. Second track “Leave Him Now” is more melodic but doesn’t lose the garage feel. Baldi is known for his lyrical quips, and “In Shame” shows this off with the chorus repeating “they won’t remember my name/I’ll be alone in my shame.”

The 11-minute “Dissolution” sounds like the band’s live performances, spending much of its time with the band just rocking out. “So Right, So Clean” is the drone-like cousin of a ballad, but the album never slows down for a second.

If you are ready to rock HARD, Cloud Nothings is your band, and this is your album.

Score: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥/5