ALBUM REVIEW: Feels Try Out Grunge on ‘Post Earth’

Well that didn’t work…

Post Earth, the second album from L.A. garage outfit Feels, starts with a waft of grunge-rock promise, but fails to deliver.

The lo-fi production and blaring guitars on opener, “Car,” starts the album strong, but by the second track, “Awful Need,” the momentum is lost and never fully regained. “Deconstructed” is the last upbeat song on the album. “Find a Way” sounds like it could be a mid-’90s riot-grrrl track, with a chorus full of yelling and the soaring vocals of Laena Geronimo. After that, tracks oscillate between plodding, low-key tempos and scattered bits of rock relief thrown in. 

The pacing on this album makes the listener feel like they being pulled in several directions at once. Post-Earth works well as background music, but when you put it in the forefront, the unstable nature and slower pace of most of the songs make it a tough listen.

Score: 🌎🌍/5