ALBUM REVIEW: Foxygen Remain the Maestros of Retro Modernism on ‘Seeing Other People’

But who does his voice sound like…?

This was another new band for this reviewer, primarily because I mixed up my vulpine bands. Foxygen, I discovered, is not the same as Ann Arbor funk band Vulfpeck.

But I digress. Seeing Other People is the 7th studio album from Los Angeles indie rock duo Foxygen, coming two years after 2017’s Hang.

Their latest release is quite difficult to describe in terms of genre. There’s elements of ’70s and ’80s rock in here, but it wouldn’t be out of place following a track by Vampire Weekend or Swimming Pools either.

And then there’s the matter of where I’ve heard the singer’s voice before. He definitely sounds like somebody familiar…

“Mona” sounds straight out of the ’80s, with deep bass and a silky synth line. Hmmm.. maybe it’s Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17

Contemporary influences are present here as well. Album opener “Work” sounds like a throwaway from Arcade Fire’s last album, with the backing vocals and piano rock. “News” also has a similar sound, before moving into a heavy rocking guitar solo to round off that makes it the best track on the album. Or is it more because his vocal sounds like Win Butler?

There’s plenty to like about this album. It’s all over the place, with moments of heavy rock, space rock and new wave. It’s everywhere and somewhere specific at the same time. If you have an eclectic taste for all strains and eras of rock, there’s something for you here.

But who does his voice sound like….?

Oh that’s it.

Mick Jagger.

Score: 🦊🦊🦊🦊/5