ALBUM REVIEW: Joij Completes His Transformation on ‘Ballads 1’

Ballads 1 is the heavily anticipated debut full-length from internet sensation turned serious musician Joji. Showcasing the former YouTube star’s growth as an artist, the project features some of Joji’s most complete songs so far.

Lead single “Slow Dancing in the Dark” is an ambitious introspective ballad about unrequited love filled with some his most advanced production yet. The immersive, genre-fluidity flows between lo-fi R&B, punk, chillwave, hip-hop and pop, but the vibe is always right there. Every track on the album exudes pure emotion and a natural finesse.

Ballads 1 is an easy listen from start to finish, and one of this writer’s favorite projects of 2018.

Score: 👌👌👌👌/5