ALBUM REVIEW: Kim Gordon Keeps Her Crown on ‘No Home Record’

The queen mother of noise-punk is back, and she’s in incredible shape!

So, after a few listens to the new Kim Gordon album I went to my local record pusher. He’s one of those old music rats who own a record store, used to be a punk rocker, but listens to a lot of jazz in his older days. He’s been through it all.

I asked him if he had listened to the album yet. He replied:

I’m one of those guys who’s always had the biggest crush on Kim Gordon. I love her and I’m totally afraid of her, so I need to take some time to get myself together before listening to this album.”

It’s no secret that Kim Gordon is the empress of punk and noise, yielding an untapped source of power and nerve, which she’s mercilessly unleashed in bands like Sonic Youth, Free Kitten, Glitterbust, Body/Head and so on. So I do understand that it might be daunting for a longtime fan to jump onto her debut solo project, because what if it fails and fall hard to the ground?

But, dear record pusher, you have nothing to be afraid of, other than being eaten alive by Kim Gordon herself. The queen mother of noise-punk is back, and she’s in incredible shape!

On No Home Record, Gordon shows that she remains in total control of her music. It’s a weird but oh so solid album filled with melodic noise, punk riffs, surprisingly danceable beats and her amazing lyrics.

Even at the age of 66 years old—yes, Kim Gordon is 66—she still purrs like a kitten and oozes of sex and power, way more than Madonna and Cher in my opinion. Because Kim is freaking real!

I won’t go further in to every track, because you simply need to experience this kickass album for yourself.

Score: 😼😼😼😼😼 / 5