ALBUM REVIEW: Logic’s Book Soundtrack Sucks

The next ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’?

Rapper Logic recently surprised the hip-hop world by writing a novel, a “dark psychological thriller” titled ‘Supermarket’. His latest LP of the same name serves as the soundtrack to the book. Supermarket represents a significant stylistic change for Logic; he has transitioned from hip-hop to alt-rock, drawing comparisons Red Hot Chili Peppers.⠀

I wouldn’t typically care about a new Logic LP; he’s never drawn my interest outside of the Bobby Tarantino mixtapes. But this caught my eye… or, to be more truthful, the overwhelmingly negative reviews did. One person called it the worst release of the decade. Others compared it to Kid Cudi’s infamous Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven. My curiosity was piqued, and so I decided to give it a listen. After all, there’s no way this album could be as bad as Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, right?⠀

Yes it can. YES IT CAN. In fact, I would say this is worse. Opener “Bohemian Trapsody” initially made me think “this isn’t so bad,” but then Logic opened his mouth and I knew I was in for an awful ride. As you might expect, the worst part of this album is Logic himself; he’s a terrible singer with some of the cringiest lyrics I’ve heard in a while:⠀

“Get litty, get gritty / Rick Sanchez, get schwifty”⠀

“How many licks to lick your lemon drop?”⠀

“If it’s illegal to kill the pussy, book me with a crime”⠀

The worst part is the fact that these lyrics all come from the same song.⠀

The low point of Supermarket is the fact that Logic never manages to remain stylistically consistent. This is a rock album! Why the hell is he rapping during the back half of “Bohemian Trapsody” And who let him sample the hook from Tribe’s “Can I Kick It?” Phife Dawg is rolling in his grave.⠀

The production is decent. Mac Demarco adds his trademark indie chill to a couple tracks. There are some good riffs here and there. But none of this makes up for having to endure 49 minutes of excruciating vocals.⠀

We’re only three months into 2019, and I can already tell you this is one of the worst things you’ll hear all year.⠀

Score: 🛒/5