ALBUM REVIEW: Mitski is in a League of Her Own on ‘Be The Cowboy’

She’s Iggy Pop’s favorite songwriter for a reason.

Mitski’s fifth album, Be The Cowboy, is her most ambitious work to date.

Following her critically-acclaimed 2016 LP, Puberty 2, Mitski Miyawaki’s latest release diverts away from distorted guitars in favor of synthesizers and slick production, resulting in an extremely vibrant soundscape.

Addictive pop hooks, emotional ballads and nostalgic garage rock are all present in the record’s 14 short but memorable tracks. Each succinct song allows Mitski – recently called “the most advanced American songwriter that I know” by Iggy Pop – to effortlessly flirt at stylistic boundaries with elegance and flair.

As with her previous projects, Mitski’s lyricism remains the standout attraction – a perfect balance of raw emotion and levity. As a whole, the collection of songs subtly conveys a central, underlying theme: we’re all human, and it’s okay for us to feel this way.

Be The Cowboy is a firm reminder that Mitski is in a complete league of her own; a fearless musician completely untethered by conventional genre perimeters and expectations.

Score: 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠/ 5