ALBUM REVIEW: NAO Soars Through Space on ‘Saturn’

British R&B doubles down on her electric sound on sophomore effort.

After wowing us with her fabulous 2016 debut, For All We Know, NAO (pronounced “Nay-o”) returns with her sophomore effort, Saturn.

With just two features from SiR and Kwabs, the British R&B breakout commands your undivided attention with her smooth voice and technicolor production. Whether the album’s title is supposed to reference a distant planet or the Roman god of renewal and liberation, it’s a fitting one for NAO’s refreshing and spaced-out neo-soul, which is at once deeply nostalgic and wildly futuristic.

Rather than mess with the recipe, Saturn doubles down on what made her first record unique, and so damn good.

Score: 👽👽👽👽/5