ALBUM REVIEW: Nap Eyes Reach Jangle-Pop Perfection on ‘I’m Bad Now’

Nigel Chapman emerges as one of indie rock’s finest wordsmiths.

The third album from Canadian quartet Nap Eyes sees them sharpen their songwriting, with frontman Nigel Chapman emerging as one of indie rock’s finest wordsmiths. His conversational singing style and wry lyrics turn mundane thoughts and events into profound slice of life stories.

I’m Bad Now is filled with highly detailed, observational lyrics that bring the listener into Chapman’s world. Nap Eyes have always been under the influence of the Velvet Underground’s warm, fuzzy chug, as well as the shambolic guitar and deadpan vocals of Pavement. With I’m Bad Now, they’ve molded those influences into a unique sound that’s all their own, which stands alongside the titans of jangly indie rock.

Score: 🛏🛏🛏🛏🛏/5