ALBUM REVIEW: Peter Perrett is Ageless on ‘Humanworld’

The power-pop legend’s new solo outing is a sharp slice of rock filled with life lessons and love stories.

Over 40 years after forming his legendary power-pop outfit The Only Ones, Peter Perrett’s second solo effort is true to the legacy he began in the late ‘70s, while showing off new sides of himself.

Humanworld is one of those albums that just keeps on giving with each subsequent listen. With his simple yet strong tone recalling The Velvet Underground and Spiritualized, Perrett never tries too hard, as his coolness and capability to write sharp tunes speak for themselves. 

“I Want Your Dreams” is a killer opener, and “Once is Enough” is the 63-year-old rocker’s way of giving us some life lessons. In a recent interview with Mojo magazine Peter Perrett mentioned that he likes Courtney Barnett because she sounds like the old days, and you definitely hear a bit a Barnett vibe across the record, especially on a song like “Love Comes in Small Steps.”

The album ends with “Master of Destruction,” a song written by Perrett’s son, Jamie. This track has one of the most catchy chords on the album, and it contains a brutally honest story about chaos and addiction. 

With not a weak track in sight, Humanworld is now on my list of one of the best albums in 2019.

Score: 🍑🍑🍑🍑/5