ALBUM REVIEW: Sharon Van Etten Has a New Weapon on ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’

The indie heartbreaker is no less powerful with a new sonic palette.

Remind Me Tomorrow is the fifth studio album from singer-songwriter and indie rock heartbreaker Sharon Van Etten. Having long pulled her inspiration from a toxic relationship in her 20s, her songwriting remains stark and emotionally piercing, but for the first time a sense of hope shines through.

As with her past records, ambience and a harrowing sense of longing take centerstage, but her nocturnal folk has evolved into synth-driven soundscapes that swirl around her soaring vocal performances.

Confused, dazed and dizzying, Sharon Van Etten has long tapped into the excruciating pain of everyday heartbreak, while making us feel what she can’t explain. Remind Me Tomorrow is no less powerful with a new sonic palette. Everything is in its right place, even when no one else can understand it.

Score: 👑👑👑👑/5