ALBUM REVIEW: Something’s Missing on Interpol’s ‘Marauder’

But Paul Banks still knows how to wail!

Marauder is the sixth studio album by New York indie rock veterans Interpol. Opener “If You Really Love Nothing” sets the tone for the album with the unintentionally foreboding line “goodbye then.” While the main elements of their signature sound are in tact – notably Paul Banks’ distinct voice over apathetically anthemic rock choruses – longtime fans may notice something missing.

“Mountain Child” is a nice break from some of the more monotonous tracks, but by the time the eleventh track, “Party’s Over,” rolls around, Banks sings “it gets old,” and you start to agree with him. Interpol has sounded somewhat empty since the departure of bass player Carlos “D” Dengler, and the void is only more apparent when the band tries to reach back to their older sound, such as on lead single “The Rover.”

Whether that’s the central issue or not, Marauder finds Interpol stuck in a place that’s neither excitingly new nor authentic to their original sound.

Score: 🚬🚬/5