ALBUM REVIEW: Ty Segall & White Fence Have Some Sloppy Fun on ‘Joy’

They’ve probably already moved on.

Ty Segall releases so much material that he’ll have more records than Guided By Voices if he stays in the game long enough. Like GBV, Segall’s effusive mix of sloppy punk, ’70s glam, stoner garage and weird non-sequiturs is a lot to take in. On Joy, his second album with fellow Californian Tim Presley, a.k.a. White Fence, they create an uneven but enjoyable racket.

“Please Don’t Leave this Town” and “Body Behavior” have sunny vocal harmonies, strummed acoustics and electric guitar freak outs, sounding like lost classics from the Nuggets box set. Album standouts “A Nod” and “My Friend” are heavily indebted to T-Rex and are the album’s most fully realized compositions. Interludes like “Beginning,” “Room Connector,” “Rock Flute” and “Prettiest Dog” tie the album together, like the rug in The Dude’s apartment. “Do Your Hair” sounds like an outtake from The Who’s mod era, a vibe felt thought the album.

All around, Joy is a….joyfully sloppy and fun record, made by two of the most prolific rockers today. While it lacks cohesion and occasionally sounds undercooked, that’s part of Ty Segall’s charm. I’m sure he’s already moved on and is nearly done with his next half dozen releases.