Emma Ruth Rundle’s ‘Some Heavy Ocean’ Turns 5

Five years later, the singer-songwriter’s solo debut still haunts.

It was five years ago to the day that Emma Ruth Rundle released her outstandingly honest debut album, Some Heavy Ocean.

Known for her past work in the Nocturnes, and her continued work in post-rock outfits Red Sparowes and Marriages, the Los Angeles-based artist is, in this critic’s humble opinion, one of the most talented songwriters out there today.

Composed of 10 sparse songs of gothic folk, Rundle’s solo debut takes you deep into her troubled mind and heart. The album had a profound impact on me back in 2014, and it still brings tears to my eyes and chills down my spine.

Even though the record is hard and dark in tone, the honesty of her songwriting makes it somehow uplifting at moments. Songs like ”Shadows of My Name,” “Oh Sarah” and “Arms I Know So Well” are prime examples of that.

The funny thing about this album is that I haven’t played it for a single person who hasn’t stopped and said, “Who is that?”

Emma Ruth Rundle is so real. However many years it takes, the world should know her name.