My 6 Favorite Rock Albums of 2019 So Far

MMC Writers look back at the last six months in music

Amyl and The Sniffers: Amyl and The Sniffers {Review}

The snarling Aussie punks make grandpa Lemmy proud and prove that punk hasn’t run out of things to say.

Wet Dreams: Wet Dreams {Review}

The Norwegian bad boys know how to rock hard and boogie all night long.

Du Blonde: Lung Bread for Daddy

The scruffy self-produced second album by Beth Jean Houghton is full of ragged honesty, heartbreak and emotional destruction.

Orville Peck: Pony {Review}

The leather-masked cowboy that could be Roy Orbison’s love child, takes post-punk-infused country music to places its never been.

Mike Krol: Power Chords

Mike Krol is too indie for punk and too punk for indie. Regardless he sure knows how to make a solid rock album using some potent power chords.

Black Mountain: Destroyer {Review}

The Canadian psych rockers jump into their Firebird and drive into the desert night to face their demons on their most introverted and demented record yet.