Radiohead Fans Leak 18 Hours of Material from the ‘OK Computer’ Sessions

Man, it feels like 2003, doesn’t it?

If you’re a diehard Radiohead fan who listened through the band’s 20th anniversary expanded edition of OK Computer and then said, “I NEED MORE!,” your prayers have been answered.

Anonymous fans even more obsessed than you somehow got their hands on a stack of MiniDisks (google it, kids) and leaked the motherload: 18+ hours of demos, alternate takes and live recordings billed as the complete OK Computer sessions.

If the above applies to you and you’re not fazed by the ethical dilemma of listening to such unsanctioned material, boy are you in for a treat! But be warned you’re gonna have to dive deep to get ahold of the elusive audio.

In particular, the folks on Reddit are losing their heads over an alternative version of “Lift.” To get a sense of what else is in the leak, here’s a Google doc indexing the treasure trove.