S.U.S.H.I EP 007: “Honey, I Smoked The Mids”

A bi-weekly playlist diary of “Stuff U Should Hear Immediately.”

S.U.S.H.I represents a new beginning, a genesis, an insight into the music that gets me through everyday life on a bi-weekly basis.

I’m inviting you to take this journey with me.
I want to combat the algorithms and radio music that make playlists boring.


“Honey, I Smoked The Mids”

MOVEMENT 1: The Gas (Songs 1-7)

“Start strong, stay strong and finish strong by always remembering why you’re doing it in the first place” – Ralph Marston

“Pull Up” by Lil Keed sees Lil Uzi Vert and YNW Melly chime in with some A1 guest verses. Also, this beat slaps harder than the Russian slap box champion.

This is a real sport.

Denzel Curry is back and as strong as ever with his new album and single, both titled “ZUU.”

“M’s all on my belt, I’m feelin’ like I’m Majin Buu”

Sephiroth” by Oliver Francis plays off of this theme with some pretty masterful anime bars.

J. Cole, Young Thug and Travis link of for one of my favorite collab tracks of the year so far on “The London.” On my first listen I wasn’t a big fan of this song. I feel like Cole is stepping out of his normal element with the overall style and trajectory of the song, as it was pretty obvious that this would be pushed as a hit single. “The London” debuted at #12 on the Billboards last week, giving Thug his highest first-week placement yet.

MOVEMENT 2: Mood Music (Songs 8-15)

Movement 2 inspires me to make bad decisions this summer. Imma shoot my shot, trust that.

MOVEMENT 3: SAD & BOUJEE (Songs 16-24)

This movement was definitely my favorite part of the playlist to put together. I’ve always has a soft spot for music that emits pure emotion. I’ve been dealing with some of my own inner struggle recently and these tracks have definitely helped me think some things through. I could go on and on about how I chose each of these songs but I’d rather let the fact that they made it onto S.U.S.H.I speak for itself.

MOVEMENT 4: I Don’t Care (Songs 25-26)

It’s definitely not very polite of me to put the chaotic songs at the end, but I never showed up to the one class I had in music theory so deal with it.

The Streets’ “Fit But You Know It” is life in a nutshell. I implore you to check out the music video as well.

Showthai is definitely one of the best up-and-coming talents from the U.K. Hailing from Northhampton, his unique delivery style and ability to bend and mold different genres of music make me believe he has a bright future.

This has been S.U.S.H.I EP 007.

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