YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS: Channel Tres’ ‘Black Moses’ EP

The L.A. artist’s second project is the coolest damn thing you’ll hear this year.

The fusion of hip-hop and house music isn’t new. It’s called hip-house and it’s been around nearly as long as hip-hop or house themselves.

All the same, there’s something so refreshing about Channel Tres.

Black Moses is the second EP from the Compton artist, and it follows the same formula as his first, 2018’s self-titled Channel Tres, featuring four main tracks, led by an ethereal intro.

Fusing the best of G-funk, deep house and nu-disco, songs like “Black Moses” (ft. JPEGMafia), “Sexy Black Timberlake” and “Raw Power” all cunningly reference other idols of cool while establishing his own strain of the stuff.

I don’t have the hip-house vocabulary to describe what Channel Tres is doing, but you gotta hear this.