YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS: Chubby and The Gang

This might just be the best punk album of 2020.

Every once in a while the magic happens. It only takes a few seconds, and you’re hooked. Like seriously hooked.

That’s what happened when I was introduced to Speed Kills, the debut album from Chubby and The Gang, on an early Sunday morning while wearing a kimono and sipping my beloved coffee. Right from the start I forgot everything around me. I was moved by ”the beat, the beat, the beat.” 

London’s Chubby and The Gang plays loud, fist-pumping, hip-shaking punk straight out of the pub. There is no doubt that this is an English band when you hear their mix of Oi!ish pub-rock, hardcore and garage rock. 

Listening to Chubby and The Gang is like crowd-surfing a rowdy bar with full pints in each hand. Despite its intensity, their sound is completely uplifting. It never gets boring, and you can’t resist shouting along. 

Speed Kills an album that makes you want to be 20 years old again; a free bird in Chubby’s gang. This might just be the best punk album of 2020.