YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS: Gene Clark’s ‘No Other’

Gene Clark’s 1974 album, No Other, is one of those records that didn’t belong in its own time. The commercial and critical flop was quickly cast off in its day—dealing a devastating blow to its creator—and more or less forgotten.

It wasn’t until after Clark’s 1991 death, thanks to subsequent CD reissues, that fans started discovering the ambitious and wondrous work of psychedelic rock, soul and cosmic country, which encapsulates the spirit and sounds of 1970s like few others can.

Coinciding with the album’s recent 45th anniversary, and the late singer-songwriter’s upcoming 75th birthday, the good folks at 4AD have taken it upon themselves to release No Other in a remastered and expanded Deluxe Edition, which just dropped yesterday, allowing enlightened listeners to explore its tunnels, caverns and hidden passageways like never before.