YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS: The Cosmic Creeps’ ‘Crawl’

The Fort Worth psych rockers drop one helluva debut.

Crawl is the debut album from Fort Worth, TX-based band The Cosmic Creeps. And for anyone who’s known of them for a while, it’s been a long time coming and well worth the wait.

The Cosmic Creeps are Michael Eppinette on guitar, Tony Pirrone on bass and Scott Ladouceur on drums, who’ve been making some noise (both literally and figuratively) on the local scene since 2018. Last year they released an EP that, while good, didn’t capture the sound of annihilating destruction that is their live show.

I know we’re all quarantined and all, but once travel restrictions lift, it will be worth your coin to figure out some way to get to Fort Worth and hear these guys live. It’s a bit like sticking your head in the lion’s mouth, hearing him roar and not caring if you walk away with your head still attached.

Until then, we have this record, which should be played as loud as possible. Filled with other-worldly guitars, rubbery bass and drums that show influences ranging from Ginger Baker to Art Blakey, The Cosmic Creeps instantly establish their sound: tight, well-oiled and able to handle the grooviest time and tempo changes. It defies categorization: part punk, part garage, part psych, part prog and all rock.

Comprised mostly of instrumentals with a few vocal tracks that are as trippy as the guitars, this is an album that can be felt as well as heard, because every instrument is distinctly mixed so that you can thrill in each individual sound while also reveling in how monumental those sounds are when mixed together.

This is the kind of debut that—if I have anything to say about it—people will be referring to other bands as having a “cosmic creepy sound,” because that’s what this is, and these guys live up to their name.

Unfortunately, Crawl isn’t available on physical format, but it’s available on your favorite streaming service or via their record label.