ALBUM REVIEW: Action Bronson Shows His Maturity on ‘White Bronco’

But is that good thing?

Action Bronson’s new album, White Bronco, marks a new chapter for the Queens-bred chef turned rapper turned multi-hyphenate personality. It’s his first independent release in six years, after dropping two full-lengths on Atlantic Records, and his first since parting ways with Vice, where he regularly appeared as a TV host.

Once again operating in the space that birthed his unlikely rise, Action gets back to business on a project that feels new and old at the same time. With its sparse 26-minute duration and focused soul- and jazz-heavy production, White Bronco reveals a new level of maturity in his album-making. Maturity, however, may also be the Bronson’s weakness here, as his raps often lack the humor and playful charm that have made him such a lovable underdog hero.

Back as an independent artist, and with fewer creative balls to juggle, Action Bronson sounds sharp, refreshed and confident that his best work lies ahead of him. Let’s just hope he’s doesn’t start taking himself too seriously.

Score: 🐎🐎🐎/5