ALBUM REVIEW: J Mascis Spins Another Melancholy Yarn on ‘Elastic Days’

The Dinosaur Jr. hero gets extra tender when left to his own devices.

Elastic Days is the third solo album from indie rock legend J Mascis, best known as the lackadaisical axeman and primary singer-songwriter of Dinosaur Jr. Those fond of his previous solo efforts – 2011’s Several Shades of Why and 2014’s Tied to a Star – will be pleased to learn this is another journey down the same back road.

Stripped of the drums and bass that make up Dinosaur’s thunderous growl, Mascis transforms into a melancholy folk singer spinning yarns of one-sided conversations and navalgazing contemplation. And even more than his last two records, he finds a way to weave in his signature fuzzy guitar solos into every tune.

Whether or not you’re a receiver of his main band’s loud and heavy assault, which admittedly isn’t for everyone, Mascis’ tender ballads are nearly universal in their warm aesthetic and incredible humanity.

Score: 🦖🦖🦖🦖/5