ALBUM REVIEW: Curren$y Keeps Spitting on ‘Fire in the Clouds’

It’s always good to check in with a Spitta Andretti project from time to time.

Curren$y has been in the game of hip-hop for a minute. The New Orleans rapper signed to Master P’s No Limit Records way back in 2002 and he was an original member of Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. His projects often blur the lines between mixtapes and albums, but whatever you call them, the dude has released over 60 full lengths to date. Fire in the Clouds is his fifth mixtape of 2018 alone!

While I’d never claim to stay up on everything he’s doing, it’s always good to check in with a Spitta Andretti project from time to time. My favorite thing about Curren$y has always been the blunted out beats he picks. Drupey Beats is the New Orleans up-and-comer handling the production this time, and this is a nice collection of laid back tracks that finds a good middle ground between boom bap and trap.

Curren$y is as stoned as ever (fire in the clouds, bro!), but his lazy style is always appealing and on point. The subject matter here is as expected. He really wants you to know how hard it is for him to choose which car to drive and how cemented his rep is in the streets.

There are a couple cringy moments, like the line “I’m lookin’ at my money like it’s a bad bitch,” or the hook of “300 Thousand,” which repeats “300,000 dollars it came with two umbrellas” again and again. But then again, Rolls Royce umbrellas come built into the door of the car and retail at $700 a piece, so maybe they’re worth talking about, you know?

If you’re looking for some hip-hop to throw on in the background and not worry too much about, this is kind of a perfect album.

Score: ☂️☂️☂️/5