ALBUM REVIEW: Thou Brings It All Together on ‘Magus’

The heavy metal alchemists have birthed their masterpiece.

Capping off a glorious run-up that witnessed the release of three esteemed EPs, each exploring various elements of their sound, heavy metal alchemists Thou have birthed their masterpiece in their forth proper full-length, Magus.

Over 75 slow and heavy minutes, the Baton Rouge five-piece torches over uncounted acres of earth with a doomy, sludgey lava sonically galvanized with injections of grunge and black metal, not to mention a punk rock social commentary. If you can make it through in one sitting, you’ll feel like you trudged across an entire continent on foot.

Taken in alongside its triptych of companion EPs, one has to sit in awe of the scope and precision with which Thou have executed their finest work yet.

Score: ⚱️⚱️⚱️⚱️⚱️/5