ALBUM REVIEW: King Gizzard Gets Bluesy on ‘Fishing For Fishies’

The prolific rock chameleons go full Allman Brothers.

It feels like it’s been a long time between drinks for King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. After releasing not one, but an astonishing five albums in 2017, the Melbournians took a well-deserved breather last year. In the midst of their radio silence, fans have been eager to hear what the King Gizz was up to.

Without debate, Fishing for Fishies is easily the bands most accessible album. This time around, the rock chameleons exist within blues/AOR territory. Complete with harmonica solos, “Plastic Boogie” for example, sounds like it could have been released by Allman Brothers at their peak.

The title track is a fantastic entry point. The Gizzard’s angelic vocals mesh beautifully with bluesy guitar work, a marching bass line and head-bopping drums. “The Bird Song,” a jazzy number with groovy bass and lush piano tones throughout, sounds like a leftover from their collaboration with Mile High Club.

The final track “Cyberboogie” is the closest the band ever gets to their kaleidoscopic psych origins. If that’s version of King Gizzard you’re keen to, you may be disappointed in the direction this album takes. However, if you take each Gizzard album as an exploration of styles and ideas, you might really dig this album. You’ve gotta respect the band for constantly trying new things.

Score: 🎣🎣🎣/5