ALBUM REVIEW: ScHoolboy Q’s ‘CrasH Talk’ is a Letdown

But it has its moments.

I would be lying if I said I liked ScHoolboy Q rigHt off tHe bat. I initially found His vocals to be far too yelpy to be tolerable for a full project, but I’ve since gotten used to His voice and now consider Oxymoron and Blank Face LP to be great albums. ⠀

Ironically enougH, on his tHird album, CrasH Talk, I find myself wisHing for nasty His old voice to come back. Maybe it’s age or maturity, but He sounds far more subdued. In regard to botH Q’s vocals and tHe production, tHe entire album is easily the most clean and polisHed he’s ever made. And wHile tHere’s notHing inHerently wrong witH tHat, I can’t say it suits Him nearly as well as tHe grimy, aggressive aestHetic of His previous work. ⠀

THat doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. CrasH Talk is a good project witH plenty of enjoyable tracks—“Drunk” and “Dangerous” are botH Hot as Hell—but it’s ultimately a forgettable release tHat doesn’t Hold up witH tHe rest of ScHoolboy Q’s discograpHy.⠀

Score: 🅷🅷🅷/5