ALBUM REVIEW: *repeat repeat’s ‘Glazed’ Is Tooth-Achingly Sweet

With help from a Black Key, the Nashville unit gives their sound a shiny coat of paint.

Glazed, the new effort from *repeat repeat, is as candy-coated as the name suggests.

Following up 2017’s Floral Canyon, the husband-wife duo of Jared and Kristyn Corder teamed up with Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, who gives their garage-pop setup a thick, glossy production lacquer.

Carney’s production is a bit over the top on this album, polishing away some of the jagged personality *repeat repeat project on their previous album. There’s nothing as daring as Floral Canyon‘s closing “Speaker Destroyer” here, but the album provides all the early summer jams you could want.

“I’ll Be the One You’re Growing Old With” is the band at their best, relying heavily on their surf rock roots to create a warm and fuzzy love song with even fuzzier guitars. “Fortunate One” is another strutting rocker, one placed firmly at the center of the record.

I find myself wishing I had the demo versions of many of the songs on the album, especially “Pressure,” which could have been a barn-burning rocker if Carney’s production hadn’t covered it in a saccharine sheen. Glazed is a fun, easy album that can soundtrack your summer, but if you really want to rock, look to *repeat repeat’s older fare.

Score: 🍩🍩🍩/5