ALBUMS WE’RE THANKFUL FOR: Beastie Boys’ ‘Check Your Head’ Started Everything for Me

For Thanksgiving, MMC Writers are sharing records they’re grateful for.

I’m thankful for Check Your Head by the Beastie Boys.

With this album the Beastie Boys masterfully defined their unique aesthetic. The way they dressed and shot their videos, the way they talked in interviews, and the blend of sounds they used were all so distinct and new to me that I had to wonder where they got their style from. What were their influences? For the first time, 14 year old me was inspired to not just find my favorite groups but to figure out what my favorite groups were listening to.

It may make more sense to say this about Paul’s Boutique, but I hadn’t heard that record yet in ’92. It was Check Your Head that led me to Paul’s, which then opened up the world of collecting funk, soul and hip-hop records, a passion that has truly defined my life.

Oh, and “So What Cha Want” is the best song of all time, so come at me. Thank you, Beastie Boys!