The Best Covers from Ramin Djawadi’s ‘Westworld’ Soundtracks

With the return of HBO’s Westworld, MMC’s soundtracks correspondent highlights his favorite musical moments from seasons past.

That’s right, folks! Westworld is back (two episodes in!) and I could not be more excited, both for the show itself and for the great orchestral covers we should expect to see implemented throughout Season Three’s remaining six episodes.

I’ve written previously on the genius of composer Ramin Djawadi: once on his work for Game of Thrones, and once highlighting his cover of “Heart-Shaped Box” from Westworld’s second season.

Now, with seemingly infinite time on our hands, it’s on us to share as many music recommendations as possible to maintain our sanity. So why not put the following songs on rotation while working from home and trying to concentrate?

“Paint it Black”

A prominent inclusion for the series, the Rolling Stones classic has two different iterations so far: one themed for the titular Westworld, and one for Season Two’s Shogun World.

“Exit Music (for a Film)”

Radiohead is prominently featured throughout Season One of Westworld. It’s only appropriate the season ended with a somber orchestral number from the band’s landmark OK Computer.


Showcasing one of the signature songs from Kanye West’s magnum opus My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Djawadi expounds on the sparse piano we know so well and builds a soundscape fit for a score.

“Seven Nation Army”

The White Stripes’ iconic stadium jam is probably the most unique cover of this bunch. Featured in the newly introduced park The Raj, the cover is a slow burn redux of the original that utilizes a sparse sitar to embody the Indian vibe.

For more on Westworld and its music, check out my own website,, where I suggest some new covers that could be a good fit for Season Three!