YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS: Omni’s ‘Networker’

A stripped-down vision of post-punk that’s no less thrilling.

One of the great thrills for music fans is hearing a familiar band find their sound. Networker, the Sub Pop debut album from Atlanta indie rock duo Omni, does just that.

Released last November, Networker offers a stripped-down vision of post-punk that’s no less thrilling than their louder counterparts. “Flat Earth” and “Present Tense” channel the manic energy of Devo. “Courtesy Call” starts with a riff reminiscent of Television before settling into a glammy groove halfway through. “Skeleton Key” is carried by the hook introduced seconds in.

Of course, no post-punk record is complete without its share of social commentary. On “Skeleton Key,” bassist and lead singer Philip Frobos scrolls through a hookup’s social media profile looking for an opening to start a conversation. He puts his own authenticity under the microscope on “Genuine Person” and “Sincerely Yours.” He sings he’s “striving for self-worth” on the latter, a sentiment shared by so many who feel everything’s beyond their control.

From B Boys to Fontaines D.C., last year was a solid year for post-punk. But Networker remains a standout. That’s what finding your sound will do.

Score: 🎼🎼🎼🎼 / 5